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MIM KING has been established more than ten years. We were consistent to complete each customers’ entrustment with the serious, responsible and dedicated attitude. We always listen to customers request then provide the efficient, accurate & perfect solutions.
Meeting customers entrusted needs is the consistent purpose and attitude of MIM KING since the establishment.

Professional Metal Powder Injection Molding technology
(Metal Injection Molding abbreviated as MIM)

This technology (MIM) was resulted & extended from both CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) and metal powder metallurgy. Such kind of precise process is very easy to make complex parts & easy to control the accurate dimension on parts. By the means of sintered process, it is easy to get the parts as nice mechanical strength with smooth surface. MIM is very suitable to produce complex parts with accurate dimension, and it is also suitable to produce glossy parts & little thickness parts. MIM has been widely used in the manufacture of various precision parts for long time, it is very suitable for mass production to produce various precision parts.